Reveal. Brighten. Glow.

The Illuminate Podcast was created by Lindsey, Emily, Kristin and Sarah. It is rooted in friendship, curiosity, good food and love for the world around us!

Our paths crossed when we all started a Supper Club together…. a couple short years and multiple kids later, we are still meeting monthly.  We became interested in talking to people WE are curious about. People that inspire us, people that challenge us, and people that change or educate us. And we thought that just MAYBE others would love hearing from the light carriers! 

We chose the name The ILLUMINATE Podcast because that is what hope to do by sharing the stories and perspectives of those working to spread light and illuminate others. We hope that the glow of their stories will brighten your day and inspire you to share your light with those around you.

Much love.

Your Hosts