Episode 3: Kristin Hodson; Sex Therapist, empowering and improving your relationship

Kristin Hodson is founder of The Healing Group and AASECT certified Sex Therapist empowering parents, partners, and people in their relationships + sexuality. Kristin and I talked about improving your relationship and sex with your partner through being more empathetic and creative. We also talked about talking to your kids about sex; where to start the conversation and some good reasons why as parents, we want to be the first to have that conversation with our kids.

Show Notes:

Host: Emily Reddington

Kristin Hodson


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2 thoughts on “Episode 3: Kristin Hodson; Sex Therapist, empowering and improving your relationship”

  1. This is one of my most favorite podcasts EVER! I recently discovered Kristin as well and I just can’t get enough! Thank you for doing this interview!

    • Thanks Katie! I’m so glad you found us! Kristin was such a fun interview. And for sure she is SUCH a great follow. Packed full of so much amazing information and conversation!


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